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2016 Pole Dance Resolutions

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I love new year’s resolutions, I have a notebook dedicated to the plans I make every January, and it is really fun to go back and see what I have written for the previous years. Some goals I have achieved, and others not so much. Nonetheless I make plans every year, and I’m going to share the most pole-related ones with you here, in the hope it may inspire you if you decide to take any resolutions.

First, it is important to know that I have decided to stop competing, or at least take a break from it. My first competition was in October 2010, which was more than five years ago (time flies!) and right now (especially since I won the French Pole Dancing Competition – which I still can’t quite believe !!!) I really want to take some time for myself to dance and train, without all the pressure and worries of creating and rehearsing a competitive routine. So pretty much all of my pole goals for 2016 revolve around using that new freedom to enjoy and focus on things I haven’t had much time to do these past years.

  • Create fun pole dancing videos
Don curry cyd sailor mermaid pole dance dancer dancing shark jaws

Picture by the one and only Don Curry

I love Youtube, without it pole dancing could never have developped the way it has. This year, I hope to be able to shoot a couple of cool pole videos (not just me practicing moves in my studios, but videos with a story and great editing. At least that’s the goal 😉 ). Also the good thing with a video is that you can re-do a move until you get the perfect shot, whereas on stage you only get one chance. And that is certainly a bonus to me 🙂 Plus in a video you can do things you couldn’t do in competitions, where the rules can sometimes be quite strict.

  • Freestyling
Cyd Sailor Millie Robson

Picture by Millie Robson

I used to love pole freestyles. I have trained at Body & Pole in New York for a year (back in 2010-2011) and at the end of each class we would freestyle to a song, and it has helped me tremendously in my pole journey. However, for the last couple of years I have been so focused on competing and learning new « big tricks » and combos that I haven’t really freestyled in a long time, and whenever I do it now it feels pretty weird (which is perfectly normal when you first start). So I want to force myself to freestyle at least twice a week, to just put on a song I love after my classes and move freely without worrying about tricks or making things look «perfect», just enjoying the movement.

If you need inspiration or motivation for freestyling, I recommend checking out Tracee Kafer’s amazing «Finding your freestyle» Facebook page and Instagram.

  • Blogging

One of my big goals for 2016 is actually focusing on this blog!!! I first created it almost a year ago but only wrote two posts and never told anyone about it (and never really managed to finish its design), so hopefully this year I’ll post regularly. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep, so I’m hoping to post twice a month, maybe I’ll manage a weekly post but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here :p. If you have any subjects you would like me to talk about please feel free to comment or write to me, I would love to help you if I can!!!

  • Work on handstands
Bruno handstand strong

Obviously this isn’t me… Bruno is one of our handstand instructors.

I’m really really bad at handstands, as I have pretty much never practiced them seriously, so hopefully this year I’ll make some progress (I already suck at them a lot less than I did 5 years ago, so I know there is some hope). There is actually a weekly handstands class in my studio, taught by circus artists/instructors, so I plan on going there more often.

  • Take classes with other instructors
electrick team pole dance

The amazing Electrick team! Picture by Laure Bousseaud

I am very lucky to have a great team of instructors working with me at the studio, but unfortunately I don’t have as much time as I’d like to take their classes (read : almost never). Hopefully this will change, as I just love being a student. I often forces me to work on moves that I don’t consider to me «my style», and getting out of your confort zone is a very good thing for your pole practice.

  • Plan my trainings sessions
Cyd Sailor Anthony Nollet flag human pole dance dancing strong strenght drapeau

Picture by Anthony Nollet

If you’re anything like me, you always see tons of new stuff on Facebook or Instagram, and when you get to your pole to train you never know what to do. Well this year I want to make a plan of what I’d like to work on every week, and keep track of every cool move I see to remember to try it later. The Facebook « Save » option for videos is amazing for that, and I’ll just send to myself every inspiring video I’ll see on Instagram (if you know of a more practical way to do it please let me know!!!). Having a notebook dedicated to your pole dancing journey can also be a great idea (or an app on your phone – if you know of any good ones for that I’d love to hear about it). Example:


  • Try new moves «Flying saucepan»* and «Russian roulette of death»*
  • Searching for new transitions in and out of the «Delirious Astronaut» *
  • Take handstands class

Wednesday: Practice exotic dancing. Try to learn how to become russian (maybe acquring russian nationality would make me as amazing as Olga Koda or Anastasia Skhuktorova? Research how to obtain russian passport)

Friday: Take classes at the studio : stretch and advanced pole.

Sunday: Freestyle!!!

*As far as I know there aren’t any moves called « flying saucepan », « russian roulette of death » or « delirious astronaut », but it would be awesome if there was 😉


Here are my main goals for 2016 pole-wise, I hope you found this interesting or helpful and I’d love to hear your pole resolutions for the new year if you take any!!!


2 thoughts on “2016 Pole Dance Resolutions

  1. Shannon

    Planning what to work on during training sessions is one of my goals too! I also get really overwhelmed with all the amazing moves/transitions/floorwork that I see, and I end up forgetting what it was I wanted to work on in the first place!



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