Pole Dance Competitions October Reminiscence

October Reminiscence: 6 years of pole dancing competitions videos #1

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Hi everyone! I know I haven’t written anything in MONTHS (sorry about that)!

But right now, I am really motivated to share with you my super old and kinda embarrassing pole videos from the past. It’s been 6 years this October since my first ever pole competition,  so to celebrate this I thought it would be fun to take a trip down Memory Lane and watch my VERY VERY OLD videos to see how much I’ve progressed (also to have a good laugh, because they’re quite funny 🙂 at least I think they are).

We’re going to start this journey with the very first pole video I ever uploaded on the internet (in September 2010! I had been poling for a year and a half).

This is my submission for the competition Polesque. It was filmed in Body & Pole in their old studio on 5th Avenue. This is literally the first routine I ever created, I remember writing it in a couple of nights, but I don’t actually remember practicing it (I had just moved to New York and I did not have a pole at home), so I guess that explains why it’s so messy… I just went to an open practice and recorded the routine 2 or 3 times, then picked the best one.

To me the biggest problem of this routine is the messines!!! My legs are half bent at times, my arms and hands have no idea of what they should be doing, and I am not holding the poses long enough. These are actually the main problems most polers face when they start making routines, so I hope this inspire you to try working on that a bit more 😉 (if you don’t already).

Apart from that, I still LOVE this song 🙂 (“After Dark” from the movie “From dusk till dawn” if you don’t know it).

See you in a couple of days for the next embarrassing video (hopefully a bit less so) 😉



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