Pole Dance Competition Cyd Sailor

October Reminiscence #2 My first Competition

drapeau français coeurLire en Françaisdrapeau français coeur

Hi again! I hope you’re ready for some more Baby Cyd videos, cause here is my first pole competition! (and also pretty much my first time performing “for real” on stage – I had done group dances before in ballet, burlesque and pole, but this was my first solo).

This was at Polesque in October 2010, a super fun pole competition in Brooklyn (it was really much more of a show than a competition – there weren’t many rules at all, and the concept was to be as creative and entertaining as possible)

This routine is already a lot more polished than the submission video from a month earlier (I now had a pole at home to practice), even if it’s far from perfect. I think the concept was a good girl gone bad 😀 Not sure why I wore a tutu, but it made me slip down the pole (at the beginning, I was supposed to stay on the pole with the tutu until the drop split, but of course I sat on it, so I slid to the floor), obviously my love of impractical pole costumes is not new 😉

I was very nervous before going on stage, I even clearly remember thinking “Why the hell did I think it would be a good idea? I’m so stupid!!!” about 2 minutes before my performance. Of course, once I was on I had a lot of fun and I wanted to do it again pretty much as soon as it was over 😉

See you soon for some more oldies videos 🙂



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