Pole Dance Competition Polesque Cyd Sailor

October Reminiscence #3: My second competition

drapeau français coeurLire en françaisdrapeau français coeur

Today, I want to share my video from my second pole competition, Polesque again, held in Brooklyn in May 2011. It’s a tribute to my favorite movie ever, “Singin’ in the rain”.

I still really like this routine, I think it’s cute and fun, by no means as clean as I’d like it to be (but you are always your worst critic 😉 ), but it’s not so bad and I like the whole concept. And I find the tassel twirling at the end quite funny 😀

The competition was actually held on the day I graduated, so I woke up super early in the morning and went all the way to Long Island for graduation, then as soon as it was over rushed back to Brooklyn for Polesque. Of course I lost my umbrella backstage, so the one I used for the routine was lended to me by one of the competitors (I was lucky it was a cloudy day and someone had brought an umbrella!).

See you soon for the next video, which in my opinion is going to be the funniest one I’ll share this month 😉 😉 😉



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