Hi, I am Cyd Sailor! I am a french pole dancer who lives in Bordeaux, where I teach and perform pole dancing and burlesque.

Picture of Cyd Sailor by Two in the Room.

Picture of Cyd Sailor by Two in the Room.

I started dancing at 5, when my obsession with the movie « Singin’ in the rain » convinced my mother to sign me up for ballet classes. I hated it at first (I thought dancing would include a lot more of turning on myself and twirling my skirt around me), but I was not allowed to quit, and had to participate in the show at the end of the year. From my first time on stage, dressed as a little chinese girl with sticks in my hand, I was hooked. I kept doing ballet for 8 years after that, almost only for the thrill of the spotlight every year.

I decided to try pole dancing in Paris in 2008, and fell in love at first spin. At about the same time I discovered burlesque and also started taking classes. I was obsessed, but for a long time did not think I could make a career out of it, until I had a « revelation ». While I was interning in the marketing department of a yeast industry (so sexy, I know), I said « F… this, I’m going to be a pole dancer! ». I moved to New York where I got a Bachelor in Communication, and more importantly, trained intensively at Body & Pole. I also started performing and competing there.

I moved back to Bordeaux in 2011, and with my friend Diane, we opened Bordeaux’s first pole dancing school, « Electrick Pole Studio ». I also joined the Burlesque troupe « Goody-Goody on Fire ». That same year I competed for the first time in the French Championship, which I have done every year since, and even placed second runner-up in 2013.

Since then, I have been working more and more, I am often on the road teaching workshops, performing, or competing. I have won the « Pole Dancing Show » in Montélimar in 2013, and in 2014 I have won Pole Theatre Paris in the Comedy Category, and Pole Theatre Uk in Pole Classique, with my mermaid routine (video). In October 2015 I won the title of French Champion at the French Pole Dancing Competition, with this routine.

With this blog, I want to share with you my passions for pole dancing, burlesque, retro musicals, and all things glittery.

With love and rhinestones,

Cyd Sailor

Picture of Cyd Sailor by Ludivine Photo.

Picture of Cyd Sailor by Ludivine Photo.

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